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My social advocacy focuses on removing institutional or structural constraints to individual and societal development, while seeking to inspire individuals to rise above their circumstances. My primary areas of focus are youth literacy, nation-building and social justice because I believe these place South Africa on a hopeful path. I pursue these aims through organisational affiliations as well as through media and public engagements.

Presenter, State of Our Nation on Classic 102.7

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State of Our Nation is a weekly radioshow on Classic 102.7 for the thinking South African. Each week we evaluate our progress toward becoming a great nation along a different dimension. We address 12 broad categories, and ask, “What is the state of our …. “ Governance, Society, Citizens, Industry, Infrastructure, Education, Employment, Recreation, Relationships, Healthcare and Nutrition. Within each of these broad categories, we address more specific topics on the show. The discussion is reflective in nature and non-confrontational; it seeks to explore how we are doing as a nation along these different dimensions, and what can be done to improve.  Podcasts are available HERE

Co-Founder & Chairman, Read to Rise (


Read​ to Rise works deeply in under-resourced communities of South Africa to supply much-needed age-appropriate books to children who may otherwise not have access to these books. Our full-time team works directly in primary school classrooms to motivate children to read. We are currently embedded in Mitchells Plain (Cape Town) and Soweto (Johannesburg), and regularly work in other schools around the country. 


TV & Radio  



  • Keynote Address, Graduation Ceremony, Salesians Institute Youth Projects, Cape Town, 2018

  • Guest Speaker, Salesians Institute Youth Projects, Cape Town, 2018

  • Keynote Address, Actuarial Society of South Africa, Johannesburg, 2017

  • Keynote Speaker, Glitz and the Ritz, Salvation Army, Sarasota FL, USA, 2017

  • Keynote Address, Old Mutual Staff Volunteerism Awards, Cape Town, 2017

  • Keynote Address, Engineering Faculty Awards, University of Cape Town, 2017

  • Speaker, Gender (Dis)parity Report Launch, Bain & Company, Johannesburg, 2017

  • Talk, 'Grounds for corporate moral responsibility,' Said Business School, Oxford, 2017 

  • Talk, 'Corporations and Justice,' Africa Society Symposium, Oxford, 2017

Past Roles

  • Founder & Chairman, Taurus School Solutions, Cape Town

  • Chairman, Family Life Centre, Johannesburg

  • Board member, Khulisa Social Solutions, Johannesburg

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