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Independent Investigations

Crime Scene Tape

Organisations alleged to be involved in wrongdoing should not be conducting their own investigations. Even when conducted by a credible third party, society has no assurance that the investigations are comprehensive and rigorous, nor that the reporting of findings are truthful or complete (as discussed above). ISCE advocates for independent oversight of investigations, paid for by the organisation in question, with the overseer responsible for ensuring the independence and rigor of the investigation and the full disclosure of investigation findings.

Reparations Monitoring


Organisations involved in wrongdoing often claim to have made appropriate amends and that they should be allowed to continue as normal. ISCE advocates for public disclosure of the reparations plans and independent monitoring of progress. This will allow society to gain confidence that the appropriate reparations have been made and offers the organisation the assurance that their reparative efforts will be recognised.

Full Disclosure

Piles of Paper

There is a pattern among organisations alleged to have been involved in wrongdoing to conduct investigations in the wrongdoing but then withhold the investigation findings or only making selective disclosures. These withholdings frustrate the truth-seeking process and ultimately obstructs justice. ISCE calls for full disclosure of all investigation findings. Add your voice to our active campaign to get full disclosure from Bain & Co.

Whistleblower Support

Supportive Friend

Whistleblowers perform a critical role in any society's fight against corruption and fraud. Yet whistleblowers are often victimised or abandoned, suffering great personal cost for speaking up. ISCE advocates for the protection and support of whistleblowers. ISCE is partnering with the Active Citizen Movement and Citizens of Conscience to create legislation for the protection and support of whistleblowers. 

Exposing Collaborators


ISCE supports the work of organisations like Open Secrets in their efforts to hold accountable those organisations and individuals who participate in schemes of wrongdoing by facilitating or enablers the main actors. Included as collaborators are organisations who do business with wrongdoers before justice has been served and full reparations made, and organisations who hamper the activity of whistleblowers.

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