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Ethical Leadership & Organisational Culture

Politician with Supporters

We help organisations assess and improve their ethical culture through facilitated workshops and includes development of compliance structures and procedures and comprehensive whistleblowing programmes. We help leaders with ethical decision-making and offer them guidance on dealing with internal and external ethical challenges they encounter. We have expertise in developing rigorous programmes for Social & Ethics Committees to go beyond mere tickboxing but to give all stakeholders the assurance that the company is not only a good corporate citizen but a force for good in society. 

Strategy & Ethics

Stripe and Spheres

Ethics is often an after-thought during the strategy-development process which can lead to major ethical oversights. Our strategy development process integrates ethics to ensure robust consideration of impacts on all stakeholders. This model helps guide decision making and the trade offs demanded of a strategy process.  

Our service ranges from a strategy review with an ethical lens all the way to developing an ethics-integrated business strategy.

Reparations Strategy


Boards and executive teams may find themselves in situations where the company has become embroiled in some harmful wrongdoing whether this relates to products, operations or corrupt activity. Society calls for these companies to 'do the right thing' but what does this mean. ISCE has developed a customised programme for developing a strategy to make amends for harms caused that engages the appropriate parties in constructive ways. Built on ethical principles that leverage the company's capabilities, our approach ensures real remedy results and ensures quicker social acceptance that avoids drawn-out costly legal battles. 

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