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A research-based advocacy and advisory institute for the advancement of ethical society and ethical corporate practice

Our Mission

We believe that an ethical society is intrinsically valuable. We believe that fostering a common social ethic based on mutual acknowledgement, respect, justice and compassion, promotes stronger social cohesion. We believe that as a social institution, the corporation plays a critical role in promoting social ethics and social cohesion. We believe that together, by advancing both social and corporate ethics, we create a more prosperous, just and egalitarian society. This pursuit is the mission of ISCE.  

Our Team

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CEO and Head: Research & Advocacy


Athol is an experienced academic, senior executive and social justice advocate. He is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Ethics at Stellenbosch University and a Member of the Scholars & Practitioners Network in the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard University.



COO and Head: Advisory Services

Nicholas is an experienced management consultant, change management expert and programme manager. He works collaboratively with clients to develop customised programmes and solutions linked to ISCE's advisory capabilities.


ISCE is a registered non-profit company, registration number K2020940620 

Support our Work

As a non-profit ISCE relies on public and institutional support for our research, advocacy and publication work. Please consider supporting our work financially:

Name: Institute of Social & Corporate Ethics

Bank: ABSA

Account number: 409 996 7310

Account Type: Business Cheque Account

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